Wellness interior spaces

Every tenant has purified air, nontoxic wall covering, filtered water, aromatherapeutic diffusers, Vitamin C diffusion therapy showers, non-allergic bedding, circadian lighting to relax and balance your mind and probiotic eco sanitizing diffusion to eliminate bacteria and viruses that may exist in the atmosphere or on any surfaces.

Certificación wellness the flats

Now you can breathe deep and the experience begins as you drive up to our brand new contemporary building with valet parking service. Where a personal assistant waits for you and your family to walk you to your apartment, without having to spend time waiting at the front desk. Your personal assistant will welcome you and introduce you to our unique experience of personalized attention. Experience “Concept”, which transforms your life into a pampering experience.

Line green the flats
All units go through and extensive eco sanitization in between guests to ensure a pleasanthealthy setting
Wellness interior spaces the flats
  • UV Air Purified Systems
  • Probiotic eco sanitizing diffusion
  • Alkaline Filtered water
  • Aromatherapeutic sent diffusers
  • Vitamin C diffusion therapy showers
  • Non-allergic bedding*
  • Circadian lighting
  • Daily sanitizing antiviral protection*
*Upon Request
Awesome Wellness the flats Awesome Wellness the flats


A New concept, which transforms your life into a relaxing experience. Carefully thought out and handmade especially for people who seek to explore a transformative side of Orlando.

Concept, which transforms your life into a relaxing experience
Line green the flats
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