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A Mexico City based private REIT and Real Estate Development firm, with 20 years of experience dedicated to the acquisition, development and Administration of residential, Commercial, Mixed Use and Industrial Real Estate. The company has developed more than 12 m sf on 134 projects, launching on 2017 in the Mexican Stock Exchange (ZKC-CB17).

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Urban Network Capital Group

Based in Miami, FL and Mexico City, Mexico. 20 Years experience in the South Florida Market having built over 1 million square foot of residential and multifamily properties.

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Tivoli cove capital

15 Years experience in commercial real estate with over $1 Billion in transactions across multiple property types.

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Overcash Demmitt Architects

35 years experience designing dazzling urban hotels, corporate office, restaurants and mixed-use projects to trendy cra/ breweries, lifestyle storage facilities, entertainment venues, and recreation venues.

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The Pearl Group

Heads up the Sales team. Top performing international sales team in South Florida

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New American Funding is one of the largest privately-owned direct mortgage lenders in the nation. Headquartered in Orange County, California, the company is dedicated to helping other families and individuals improve their quality of living through homeownership.

Bufete de abogados de José J. Leonardo, Esq.

Over 32 years of experience representing developers in a range of projects, including land development, multifamily, condominium, office and single-family development.

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